Frye Maxine Harness – Riding Style Inspired Boot For Women

The Frye Maxine Harness boot might just be one of the more gorgeous boots I’ve had the pleasure of laying my eyes on recently – and may also be one of the favorites among the Frye collection for women this year.

Looks of the Maxine Harness – Long, sleek and sophisticated are the keystones of the look provided with this boot. Combined with a riding inspired look with it’s height and lower heel, it is decorated with a harness strap and ring to add more than a tad bit of flair.

New style – This year there is a new look for the Maxine Harness boot, with a “trapunto” quilted design, meaning the harness and pull straps are quilted in such a way to create a raised ridge, adding even more flair to the look.

Cost and shopping – Retail price for the Frye Maxine Harness is around $375. If this seems a bit on the pricey side to you, one thing to keep in mind with these boots (as is also the case with other boots from Frye) is the quality and craftsmanship. Due to the excellent quality of construction and leather these boots last for years – and years. This in itself is often an important factor to keep in mind.

However, other factors on shopping and pricing are the merchants that carry the boot, how competitive the pricing might be as well as factoring time into the equation. I recommend purchasing these boots online from a merchant who offers them for a fair price, as well as offering free shipping and free returns in case they are not a perfect fit.